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Find the Love of Your Life – How to Get a Mail Order Wife

Not sure where to find your ideal mail order wife? Here’s the ideal place for you to select from a wide range of beautiful women, all looking to find love and security in the arms of their future husbands.

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What is a mail order bride?

Mail Order Brides are essentially women who get themselves enlisted with a match-making website in order to look for their ideal husband.

These are beautiful women from around the world looking for marriage partners that share common interests and outlook on life.

These girls are adventurous, brave and search mainly for likeminded gentlemen from foreign countries. They will share their pictures, personal information and contact information on these match-making websites, hoping for their prince charming to contact them.

Is that possible to find foreign brides in the internet?

Definitely yes, you can find real miil order brides on websits like foreign-brides.net or similar. There are a lot of other websites that offer mail order brides search services. Here is an in-depth understanding of how these websites work and what to avoid while scouting on these websites. Website foreign-brides.net is one of such examples.

Why do these women choose to become mail order wives?

Let’s analyze the various reasons as to why these women opt to become mail order wives

  • Mail order brides range from all ages and societal backgrounds. They can be young, adventurous, single or divorced – there are a lot of options.
  • These women essentially are unhappy with their lives back home so they aspire to discover foreign lands with their new friend.
  • These are brave women looking to be a part of a new culture.
  • These women are looking for companions who can give them love, security and intimacy.
  • Women who wish to put their personal profiles on the internet, hoping to catch the attention of genuine men.
  • Women who wish to live a better life preferably in a Western Country.
  • Women who have lived in such modern countries in the past and who wish to live in a foreign land again.

Mail order bride

Targeted pursuit

Since the point of discussion is brides and the arrangement in question is one that is of permanent nature, it is natural for a man to have certain requirements and necessities before he makes the final decision. So, going to a website that offers options and detailed information on each potential bride is a must.

A lot of options

The process is made simpler and faster for the applicant when he goes to a website which offers so many options. Just by casually scrolling through the website, people are now able to access a large number of probable options.


It is important for the applicant to engage in online meetings with his potential bride. If there is some avenue for increased interaction between them, it’s even better as it lends a certain degree of security to the entire procedure of confirming one’s favored comrade. Once both of them get to know each other level-headedly by chatting with each other while still under the safety of the internet, the two can then gradually choose to reveal more information and deliberate on the topic of meeting each other in person.

Low cost mail order brides

Most websites which offer mail order brides can be accessed for free. For hopeful singles, this makes going down the website route even better and cheaper. Some websites offer striking packages which does not make the applicant pay for talking to these brides, making it really simple for applicants.

Some basic facts about mail order brides

Lets learn more about the mail order bride industry.

Free vs paid

Most websites which provide such services offer free registration. Interested applicants have to pay nothing to sign up for the program initially. There are some websites however, that do charge a small amount for their facilities. Nevertheless, several observers and analysts of the field have recommended that websites which offer paid membership are much more authentic and come with a guarantee of delivery as compared to absolutely free websites.

Countries where the mail order bride business is most prevalent

Russia is the leading country in terms of supplying mail order brides. Ukraine, Thailand, China, Colombia, Philippines, and Japan are some other countries where this practice is common. Most applicants prefer to search for their future companions from any one of these top countries because these nations offer several pre-arranged laws, ease of delivery, etc.

An Overview of Some Mail Order Bride Websites

What makes a mail order bride legitimate? Let’s thoroughly review some of these websites

A Foreign Affair

A Foreign Affair is one of the oldest and most reputable international dating websites. People who visit the website may find it hard to be satisfied with its authenticity because the website looks way old, which it actually is! Started in 1995, the website still uses email as the main tool of communication between the applicants. Their core URL is LoveMe.com, and being quite old-style, it is very easy to use. With a terrific past, Foreign Affair has been able to make successful matches in Ukraine, Latin America, and Asia. Despite being featured on major media shows such as Oprah, Nightline, and coverage in the New York Times – as a bid to test their authenticity, no one has been able to damage A Foreign Affair’s status as an honest and true platform for future companions to come together.

Anastasia Date

For single men interested in meeting attractive Russian women, Anastasia Date is the best website. Applicants can get to choose from a wide catalog of smart and stunning women. The best part is the fact that all of these women are as eager to meet single men as these men are to meet them. A relatively new website, this one is surely turning a lot of heads in the mail order bride industry.

Asian Date

This website is as easy to use and access as Anastasia Date. The major difference is the fact that this website is solely designed for men looking for attractive and ambitious Asian women. For single men who are really serious about getting married to an Asian beauty, this site is ideal.

To sum it up

Hope you have a comprehensive insight into the business of getting a mail order wife. There are in fact a lot of websites which offer genuine help to people looking to find love overseas.

Last Updated: October 2019

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