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Chinese girls are quite new to the mail order brides’ sphere, but they have already reached the status of incredible wives. Among mail order brides from China, you can choose between traditional girls who stick to family values and independent modern ladies with career goals and hobbies. Their fragile beauty appeal to men from all over the world. Chinese girls do not avoid housekeeping and are ready to give their support to husbands. They are open to new experiences and active in discovering the world. That is what men find fascinating about Chinese ladies.

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Chinese brides are perfect wives and many Americans who married these girls would definitely agree with that. For instance, in 2010, almost 2,000 Chinese people, predominantly women, married Americans. However, by 2019, the number of Chinese mail order brides who crossed the border of the United States has almost reduced by half with only 1,346 K-1 visas. If we compare these numbers to the entire population of China, we’ll see that mail order bride services are not that popular in this country, which makes Chinese girls even more valuable.

Speaking about children, in 2010 only 15% of Chinese brides have already had kids. But by 2019, this percentage has decreased even more to only 9% of women with kids. This data proves that Chinese ladies who utilize Chinese dating sites are predominantly young women who seek love and adventures. Therefore, if you are currently looking for a young and fresh beauty, a girl from China is going to be perfect for you.

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Beauty of little porcelain girls

Describing the appearance of Chinese ladies, their average height is within the range from 155 to 160 cm. Their slim shape of the body makes men from all over the world attracted to these petite girls. Chinese women easily keep their bodies fit as they do not earn kilograms even if the lifestyle is not healthy. These ladies usually have long hair, dark eyes, and full lips. Chinese girls are very feminine just the way they are, and they do not need makeup or special clothes to create it. Sometimes Chinese girls for marriage are compared to the porcelain dolls because of light skin, delicate facial features, and fragile body constitution. They keep their beauty for long years, and you might experience difficulties with an estimation of a Chinese girl’s age.

Famous women of Chinese descent:

  • Olivia Munn – partly European, partly Chinese. A popular actress who appeared in several series, for example, “The Newsroom.”
  • Zhang Ziyi – an actress whose Hollywood debut in the film “Memoirs of a Geisha” brought her a status of the first Chinese actress. She is a judge at the Cannes film festival.
  • Lucy Liu – a famous actress of Chinese origin. You could see her in the series “Elementary” (an adaptation of Sherlock Holmes) and the film “Kill Bill.”
  • Liu Yifei – an actress of Chinese descent who is starring as Mulan in the upcoming film “Mulan.”

What makes a Chinese girl an awesome wife?

Education is important. The modern Chinese girls know English, so they are able to manage a conversation with foreigners avoiding problems of communication. Many of them obtain educational degrees to build a career at a high level. Chinese woman can contribute to the family budget if necessary. Also, it means that Chinese ladies are not boring at conversation.

Devotion to family. As representatives of non-Western culture, Chinese brides consider family a higher priority. They are family-oriented and dream about marriage since childhood. In addition, they are respective to the relatives of hers and her husband. Chinese wives know how to manage the proper upbringing of children and are ready to become mothers. Even building a career, they do not neglect to care about family. Also, Chinese ladies care about relatives of them and their husbands, so you can be sure she will never forget your mother’s birthday.

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No confrontation. In Chinese culture, direct conflict or confrontation is unwanted. Respect and honor to a person are valued more than a truth to be spoken out. A practice of proving your point even if you are right is considered shameful. Be sure, a Chinese wife will never fight with you.

Careful communication style. Some Chinese features of communication are not the same as the Western, but these differences are beneficial for a marriage. Chinese women are strict to their personal space and do not like people behaving over-familiar. Along with that, they accept touching only from family members or close friends. Also, in Chinese culture, prolonged eye contact is frequently considered as confrontation. These tips mean that a Chinese wife is exceptionally careful about communication with other people, especially men, so you can be calm about her contacts outside home.

Activity. Chinese girls are very active and have the interest to discover something new. A visit to a new café or a journey abroad – a Chinese bride will be happy with a new experience. They like discovering the world and finding something special. Such an approach of a Chinese bride will remind you of the little joyful moments you might miss living fast.

Chinese brides for all the tastes: Mix of traditions and modern views

China is the country with old traditions about females’ role, behavior, and marriage. The Chinese girls who keep the traditional approach perceive marriage as one of the main goals and consider a husband the head of the family. Hence, the traditional Chinese wives are obedient to husbands and agree with them on all the issues. They are shy and modest, especially in front of the public. This type is a perfect choice for men who prefer submissive wives.

Contrary to the traditional behavior, some Chinese ladies prefer a more modern attitude to marriage rather than keeping an old concept. They are warm and easy-going girls with an active lifestyle who love making friends and are open to acquaintances with foreigners. Modern Chinese girls value independency and are keen to build a career and have their interests. Such an attitude makes them quite ambitious as they are determined to work hard to achieve success.

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Other Chinese girls are striving to join elements of both styles into one approach. Such women masterfully balance between independence and traditional female role at home. They are active in career and hobbies but do not forget about a cozy home atmosphere. Due to such home atmosphere, every man is happy to be back.

Therefore, you can select your type of Chinese mail order brides. Anyway, your chosen one will make you happy.

What are the tips to make dating with a Chinese girl successful?

Beginning dating a Chinese girl for marriage, you should take into account some specific points and peculiarities of Chinese etiquette. They are not strict rules, but a Chinese bride will highly appreciate if you try following them.

Keeping a face in public. In Chinese culture, there is a concept of a public face, one of the core social values. It means that Chinese women do not let themselves demonstrate sadness, frustration, or anger. They are always wearing a smile and polite manners. You need to share this attitude if you want to date a Chinese girl.

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Let her get used to you in communication. Due to their culture, Chinese girls frequently feel limited in showing emotions and handling communication in public, especially with men. So do not take her being timid as fear of you. Along with that, you should take into account that China girls for marriage are not used to gallant gestures from men’s side. Chivalry is not common among local men. So, your first compliments and opening a door gesture might make a Chinese girl puzzled. Just give a Chinese lady some time to discover the communication way comfortable for both of you. You will be surprised by the further openness of Chinese woman.

Do not ask for a meeting with her parents before the decision to marry. This step is highly responsible for the Chinese people. If there is no marriage after acquaintance with her parents, she will be dishonored.

Be respective to her family. With this point, you will convince the serious attitude to family values and a Chinese girl personally. She will highly appreciate it and consider you a worthy man to begin a relationship with.

Why Chinese mail order brides are desired so much?

Do Chinese women make good wives? For sure! These petite beauties are a dream of those who want to have a little girl who needs to be protected. Their shyness and modesty at the beginning of relationship touch the hearts even of strong men and intrigue to continue knowing each other better. Chinese girls know English, so communication will meet no obstacles. Cultural barrier is not so crucial as it used to be previously. The times of harsh striking to etiquette and rules have passed, and you will quickly find the right approach to a Chinese bride. Chinese ladies like a new experience, so they have a big interest in conversation with foreigners.

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In China, there are brides for any taste: family-oriented girls who respect traditions, independent modern ladies who aim to live brightly, and women who combine these attitudes. All of them are devoted to marriage and loyal to their husbands. These girls prefer calm talking rather than loud argues, and they are ready to step back in conflicts. Housekeeping is not a problem for them as well as building a career. So choose your perfect Chinese wife according to your wishes!