beautiful slavic woman in bra It may astonish you but in 2019 alone, as many as 2,266 Slavic females married Americans, which is a rather large number, especially if we compare it with other European countries. Of course, Slavic brides have always been popular among Westerners, and the recent statistics just proved this.

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So what exactly makes Slavic women so incredibly appealing for our men and why do these cuties seek Americans? Let’s try to figure this out together.

pretty slavic bride in underwear

Why choose Slavic girls for marriage?

We wouldn’t lie to you if we told you that Slavic mail order brides are great romantic partners but simply saying this fact will not convince most of you. This is why we suggest you take a look at the qualities that make these girls so appealing and popular. So without any further ado here they come:
  • Loyalty. First of all, most of these women are loyal until the very end, which is the quality many other women lack. Therefore, if you are looking for a faithful partner, such a lady is definitely for you.
  • Affection. If you are one of those men who love cuddling and kissing, then you will no doubt like Slavic wives. They are extremely affectionate and they will for sure make you feel loved.
  • Compassion. These ladies are usually rather supportive and compassionate. They always help their loved ones as well as support them when they are at their worst, which makes these girls perfect long-term partners and wives.
  • Intelligence. Another great quality these women have is intelligence. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of these girls have a college education, which is something not every American woman has.
  • Exquisite beauty. Last, but surely not least, Slavic girls are breathtakingly beautiful, which is one of the main reasons why men adore them so.
As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to choose Slavic beauties over all the other women, so if you are dreaming of one of these European cuties, just head to a dating site and meet them. cute slavic girl smiling

Why do Slavic women seek Western men?

One of the most popular questions men have about these women is “Why do they seek Western men?” Well, the answer to this question is pretty simple – they are attracted to Americans and Wester-Europeans as well as want to find out what dating a foreigner is really like. So if you have been told that these women are only interested in your money or U.S. citizenship, just get it out of your mind because they are not.

How to find Slavic brides?

We do believe that the most efficient, as well as the simplest and cheapest way to meet Slavic mail order brides, is a dating platform. In fact, today we have a huge variety of different services both for those people who are looking for a potential wife as well as those who are just interested in some online flirting. Therefore, leave all your fears behind and give these services a shot.

How to impress Slavic ladies?

Frankly speaking, impressing a Slavic wife is not that different from impressing any other woman. Yet if you are still unsure how to do that, here are some tips and tricks from us:
  • Be romantic
  • Send her gifts and flowers
  • Pay for her on your dates
  • Try to learn at least a couple of words in her language
  • Meet her parents and introduce her to yours
beautiful slavic bride in blouse

How much does a Slavic mail order bride cost?

It’s pretty much impossible to estimate how much a Slavic mail order wife costs because everything depends solely on you. However, get ready to spend at least $500-$800 on flight tickets as well as about $100 a day for accommodation and food. Plus going out on dates and buying presents for your beloved also costs money. However, in general, Slavic brides are considered to be more affordable than Western-European and American ladies.

Final thoughts

A gorgeous Slavic mail order bride will no doubt make you the happiest man in the world, so go ahead and meet her on a dating site right now.