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No one can argue with the fact that Colombian women are dating site queens, but can these girls actually make Americans marry them? Well, in 2010, 1,314 Colombians, mostly women, married Americans, which proves that they can. However, in 2019, this number slightly decreased, and only 1,014 Colombian brides found their happiness with Americans. We dare to assume that most Colombian people who apply for a K-1 visa are mail order brides since these services are extremely popular in this country, and therefore we expect the number of these marriages to grow during the upcoming years.

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In case you are curious how many pretty Colombian mail order brides already have kids, in 2010 it was 35% and in 2019 – 26%, which shows us that more young women who haven’t been married before started using the services of marriage agencies. So if a young Latina from Colombia is everything you can possibly dream of, then you should at least give online dating a try.

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Nowadays, more and more Americans would like to find a Colombian mail order wife. As a matter of fact, in 2019 1,014 Colombians married Americans, which is a rather big number. Certainly, not all of these people were mail order brides, but we believe that at least 50% of them were. So why do American men choose these women over everybody else? Keep reading to find that out.

Why choose Colombian women for marriage?

There are many reasons why Americans like Colombian brides and it’s impossible to list them all but we will attempt to give you at least the most popular reasons why American men date or even marry beauties from Colombia, so here they come.

  • These women are friendly. As a rule, these ladies have a lot of friends and people love them because they are sociable, sweet, and kind. So if you are a friendly extrovert too, you will love such a partner.
  • Colombian wife is reliable. If you need a partner whom you can rely on even in the darkest of times, then you are in the right place because these women always support and help those they love.
  • They are mind-blowingly beautiful. Colombian girls are extremely hot and, obviously, this is one of the reasons men like them.
  • These girls are affectionate. In case you are one of these people who love kissing, hugging, and being with your partner 24/7, this is a perfect girlfriend for you.
  • Ladies from Colombia are devoted. Lastly, this girl will never let you down and she will do everything to make you happy, which is a quality not every woman has.

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How to find Colombian brides?

Unless you have already booked a trip to Colombia, the most convenient as well as the cheapest way to find such a girlfriend for you is a dating platform. Luckily for you, today we have a huge selection of these sites, so you can find the one that works the best for you. In case you are interested in these services, take a look at the websites we listed above and give those a try. Trust us you will not regret that.

How much does a Colombian mail order bride cost?

The good news for you is that Colombian mail order brides are completely free mainly because you cannot buy a person. However, to find and woo this girl, you will have to spend some money. Fortunately, it’s up to you to decide how much to spend on your woman, the only thing we can do is to provide you with some indicative prices, so take a look at those:

  • Dating services: starting at $2.99
  • Gifts and flowers: $50+
  • Travel expenses: starting at $1,000

Final thoughts

As you can see, a lady from Colombia is a dream come true for many men. Therefore, if you feel like this is your dream girl, stop wasting your time, register on a dating site, and meet her today.