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Russian women are the top choice for every man looking for a joint of unusual appearance and caring soul. Russian beauty is considered one of the most breathtaking, and Russians are well known for their hospitality and readiness to help in any situation. Along with that, Russian brides are strong women with defined life plans. Still, they prefer to choose a strong man who will be the head of the family. Due to the culture, Russian ladies are more than okay with housekeeping and raising children. Such a set appeals to many men all over the world.

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Even though Russian mail order brides are among the most popular women on most dating services, in 2010, only 778 Russians married Americans. By 2019, this number has grown to 815, which isn’t a big rate. Considering the fact that not all of these people were women, we can assume that, compared to other countries, Russian ladies do not end up marrying Americans that often. At the same time, we see the tendency of growth, which allows us to suppose that more of these women will marry American men in the near future. Besides, mail order bride services are becoming more and more popular all over the world, so we are quite positive that more Russian girls will enter the United States soon.

The data also shows that many Russian wives have children from previous marriages. For instance, the percentage of mail order brides from Russia with kids was 29% in 2010 and 18% in 2019. At the same time, we see that over the past decade the number of brides with children has dropped 11%. Therefore, we believe that the average age of these women has also decreased.

True feminine beauty

Russian beauty was formed by the mix of Mongols, Finns, and Slavic genes. Russian brides are about 160-170 cm tall. They are mostly blonde-haired girls with eyes of light colors and white skin. The Russian culture made them very feminine: they prefer having long hair as well as wearing dresses and hills. Along with that, they spend time caring about their appearance: if you visit Russia, you will see girls in the street with makeup, groomed nails, and stylish clothes. They like visiting beauty salons but also able to do beauty procedures on their own.

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What is in the character of Russian women?

① Mysterious Russian soul.The local and foreign writers, as well as people of other professions, use the concept of a mysterious Russian soul to describe the Russian character. Usually, it means a combination of traits that are seemed to contradict. In fact, this is not a disaster but a gift as it means that Russian ladies react properly to a situation. They are soft with their family and strong in case of problems; they are funny and talkative but can listen. Thus, mysterious Russian soul means a complex intriguing character that is interesting to discover.

② Smartness. Soviet Russian education was considered one of the best, and nowadays its universities are included in the international rankings. In previous centuries, Russian woman even made some scientific discoveries. Nowadays many of Russian mail order brides have an educational degree. Besides, they are interested in self-development, so you rarely meet a boring Russian bride. Most of them study English, so the communication between her and you is possible.

russian girl

③ Strength. Tempered with occasional economic problems, Russian brides always find a way to overcome obstacles no matter what they are. Russian girls for marriage are used to work hard, and it helps them to reach high standards at home and in career.

④ Free expression of emotions. Russians tend to demonstrate their emotions just as they are. Brides from Russia laugh in case they saw something funny and cry if something touches them deeply to the heart. You will always know the true thinking of your wife from Russia, and there is no need to guess what the hidden true emotions are, like in the case with the Western women. Positive emotions of your wife will open your eyes to the small happy moments around.

⑤ Passion. Russian ladies for marriage are taught to be a true woman since childhood. They develop their femininity and sexuality to captivate men’s eyes and souls. At dating, beautiful Russian bombshells will make you feel intrigued and thrilled. Their romantic games do not irritate but add some fire to a relationship. It is highly appreciated for Russian girls to be complimented about time in bed, so be sure they will make efforts to make a night for you unforgettable.

⑥ Doing a cozy home. Russian girls are prepared to marriage from a young age. They know how to keep a house, cook, and care about a husband properly. Also, Russian wives are good mothers who give much time to the mothership and are even ready to give up their careers in favor of raising children. In Russian culture, the roles of wife and mother are highly desired, so Russian girls make big efforts to find a husband and expect a marriage until the end of life.

russian girls for marriage

Famous women with Russian roots

  • Irina Shayk – a model of Russian origin, which was married to Cristiano Ronaldo and Bradley Cooper.
  • Maria Sharapova – a tennis player who won many international tennis competitions.
  • Mila Jovovich – an actress you know as Leeloo from the film “The Fifth Element.”
  • Ayn Rand – a writer and philosopher whose novel “Atlas Shrugged” influenced the approach of economics and crises.
  • Regina Spektor – partly Russian, partly Jewish; singer and songwriter.
  • Valentina Tereshkova – the first woman cosmonaut.
  • Sofia Kovalevskaya – the first woman to a full professorship in Northern Europe.

This list proves that Russian women are talented and reach success in any sphere they choose.

What is the Russian lifestyle?

Live brightly. Russians try enjoying life even in case of problematic situations. They love partying with friends at karaoke or dance club. They make home visits or attend public places to have fun and let the sadness go away. No matter what, Russian beauties can entertain themselves and people around.

Be bright. You rarely see a Russian single girl going outside with no makeup and perfectly combined outfit. They spend much time to prepare themselves before meetings and dates. Sometimes they can be late because of this preparation, but waiting is worth it. At a date, naturally a Hollywood star who escaped the red carpet will come to you.

russian girl

Open soul. Russian people are known for their big heart. They are ready to help even a person they see for the first time in life. This help is not limited to the forms as it might help in food, job, relationship, advice, or business. Open soul also means that Russians are very easy-going and make friends with anyone they meet on the way. They share personal stories to let other people have good emotions or get a lesson. Nevertheless, Russian girls have a definite feeling of what might be shared and what should remain between the two.

Why do Russian brides look for a foreign husband?

Russia is the country in which the number of women is much higher than men. Along with that, local men tend to be rude and selfish, ignoring wives’ desires. A marriage with a foreigner for Russian girls means a union of two loving hearts, in which partners take into consideration the wishes and needs of each other. They value support and mutual understanding as well as ready to work hard on the relations.

Due to the situation on the Russian labor market, a marriage abroad for Russian women for marriage also means an opportunity of self-development in career and other dimensions. However, they feel good to be a housewife. When you want to find a Russian wife, they are also are looking for a husband who will be the head of the family responsible for the decisions taken.

How to make a Russian bride fall in love with you?

Be romantic. Russian mail order brides were raised in the culture in which men make big gestures to win the heart of women. Flowers, gifts, creative places, and unusual activities at dates – that is what will make Russian ladies in seventh heaven and fall in love with you. Do not forget about compliments as they will also contribute to your victory of a Russian hearth.

russian girl

Show interest in their country. Russians are very proud of their country and love talking about its history and culture. If you give your ears to it, they will highly appreciate that. Instead of replicating the numerous popular stereotypes about Russia, you’d better try to find out the interesting things about this country by yourself. A Russian bride will be surprised and pleased very much.

Demonstrate that she can rely on you. In spite of crises in Russia and inappropriate behavior of local men, Russian girls for marriage are striving to meet a strong, responsible man to be with. Near such a husband, a Russian wife lets herself be a woman who enjoys life and grants people around with happiness.

What will you get with a Russian mail order wife?

Do Russian women make good wives? Undoubtedly! Russian beauty has no need to be described as breathtaking. It is an obvious fact that Russian girls are feminine and care about their appearance compared to the Western women. Ladies from Russia are educated and smart, so they are partners everyone dreams about. She will not refuse housekeeping and raising children. Along with that, Russian mail order wives can create a special atmosphere of joy and fun for people around. They will not argue on the role of man in a family. Russian lady is a gorgeous woman with a big heart and a desire to create a good marriage. It is definitely your destiny, so start a conversation!

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