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During the last few years, mail order brides from the Philippines proved they are a worthy choice to create a family with. They have already earned the reputation of desired wives all over the globe. Not mentioning the exceptional exotic beauty, Filipino brides keep always being loyal to their partners. Also, they have knowledge of how to contribute to a pleasant atmosphere at home. Compared to the Western females, Philippino ladies do not challenge a man’s role of head in the family. Moreover, they have no fear housekeeping. Additionally, the Filipino culture possesses some elements typical of the Western culture, so there will be no communication problems. Such a mix of benefits from both cultures makes Filipina wives highly attractive for men.

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In 2010, more than six thousand people in the Philippines applied for a K-1 visa, which is a visa for U.S. citizens’ fiancées. Most of these applicants were women and since Filipino dating sites in USA are so popular, we do believe that the vast majority of these women were mail order brides. In 2019, the number of people who received K-1 visas was a little more than seven thousand. Therefore, we can conclude that marriage services are extremely popular in this country.

As for children, in 2010, 17% of Filipino brides had kids from previous relationships or marriages. However, by 2019, this number has risen to 20%, which is why we can assume that more Americans became open-minded and ready to marry a woman with kids. At the same time, most Filipino mail order brides are young ladies who haven’t been married before and don’t have any kids.

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Priceless beauty of Filipina brides that wins the world

The mix of European, partly Asian, and some Australian features resulted in the charming natural beauty of Filipina mail order brides. They are pictured as petite girls with an average height of 152 cm and soft facial features. They also attract men because of golden tanned skin together with almond-shaped eyes. Philippine girls for marriage do not have a necessity of wearing makeup or doing plastic surgery; their appearance is wonderful just the way it is. They do care about good-looking with a healthy lifestyle and caring routines. Also, for the Western men, it is hard to guess the age of Philipina women as they all look young and fresh.

They are so gorgeous that exactly this nation has won an outstanding number of beauty contests like Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss Universe, Miss International, and Miss Supranational. Notably, it is the only nation that appeared to win the named contests.

Famous people with Filipina roots you could hear about

  • Nicole Scherzinger – a singer of “Pussycat dolls,” X Factor judge.
  • Christine Gambino – a YouTube celebrity, actress, and comic.
  • Lea Salonga – an actress and singer. Lea gave her voice to the Disney princesses like Jasmine and Mulan.
  • Megan and Loren Young – actresses and models. Loren Young already won the Miss World prize in 2013.

Filipina people are very talented, particularly in music and acting; they become stars in their profession in any country they choose to live!

What are the traits of Filipino women?

Soft nature

Filipino girls for marriage are shy, sweet, and romantic. They are modest; therefore, they prefer avoiding to demonstrate feelings in public. In contrast, Filipino ladies will disclose their passion tet-a-tet with a husband. They are happy even with the small pleasant moments and prefer not to spend time on being sad. Filipino brides do not like be in conflicts.


Filipina women are extremely sincere. If you are dating this girl, you can be sure that her sympathy is not artificial because of material reason but is really true. They act and demonstrate feelings according to their honesty. Along with that, Filipina women never use honesty to upset someone.

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Mathematical mindset

Filipina people show high results in math. Since childhood, they win many school competitions, and lots of them build a professional career in finances. In everyday life, Filipina girls for marriage are able to calculate budgets as well as pay the best price for goods. They care about saving money and plan their living costs carefully.

Devotion to marriage

Due to the family-oriented values in Philippian culture, Philippino wives are taught to have the high meaning for family since the youngest ages. They know how to be exceptional wives and housewives. Raising children, Filipina women tend to devote themselves to kids and give them the best they can, even taking odd jobs in case of necessity. They are schooled about how to bring happiness to home with husband, kids, and relatives.

The Life Style of Filipina brides

The Philipina culture appears to a blend of Spanish and American cultures together with some local Asian elements. They have a special interest in the West, so the stories about life there will be very interesting for them. Like Spanish people, they like festivals and holidays.

Philipina bride never rush. They consider life to be for joy and pleasure and value each moment. That is a fundamental priority in Asian culture. Filipina women can oppose the Western people who are constantly in a hurry. Instead, the former can teach the latter how to live a full life and to make pauses to enjoy things around.

Philipina women might be shy to express their sincere and deep feelings in public. For family life, it means that Filipina bride will not discuss personal things about her family issues with other people. Also, they are sociable and have good manners to manage a pleasant talk with anyone.

Filipino women for marriage consider the material goods as gifts from life. They always value and are deeply thankful for goods they have and receive. Due to their practicality, Filipina women do not spend much money on unnecessary things and are able to manage a decent lifestyle with limited funds. Such a low-maintenance lifestyle appeals to men.

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Reasons to choose a Filipino bride for marriage

Language or religious barrier is absent. Filipina women are Christians. Therefore, religious confrontation between men from the Western countries and Filipina women is not a case. Moreover, Filipina women’s English level is fluent because of its status of second official language for them.

Filipina women for marriage are especially family-oriented, which is a huge value nowadays compared to the Western ladies’ approach to partnership. Filipina mail order brides support their men in any case as they are highly loyal to husbands. You can expect Philipina girls never to cheat you. Family has the sacred meaning for them, so you can be sure about honesty in marriage.

You gonna experience no fights in marriage with Filipina women. They have no doubts about your role of the head of the family, demonstrating obedience to their partners. Along with that, Philippian brides are afraid of divorce. So they behave properly to avoid it by caring about a husband, not firing a conflict. Moreover, it means that in case a relationship experiences some problems, these girls will work hard to solve them rather than immediately asking for divorce as women from the Western countries frequently do.

Calmness and positive attitude to life help Filipina women to create a harmonious atmosphere at home. Also, they do not mind housekeeping and cooking; they are taught to do it since the youngest age.

How to win a Filipina lady?

Be friendly. Despite being shy, Philippian ladies are visibly easy-going and like to meet new people. Start a conversation first, and a Philippian girl will be glad to join it.

Do not push. Philippian girls are quite conservative and modest to demonstrate romantic feelings in front of the public. Philippian women do not feel comfortable with people who behave too openly, specifically in the context of relationship. As being touchy means sexual advances , they will think that it is better to keep a distance from you.

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Do not question her family as well as religion.The Filipina women may find these questions offensive. Even in case you disagree, at least show respect. In their turn, Filipina ladies do not judge beliefs of other people.

Demonstrate a serious attitude to family. As family-oriented women, Filipina brides prefer men who care about parents of both partners. They expect their men to be attentive to her needs and wishes.

Which man are Filipino mail order brides looking for?

Filipino ladies for marriage hope to be engaged in a relationship with a gentleman who has serious plans and who will not break their hearts; dating with a seducer is unacceptable. Women of the Philippines origin dream to be with a loving husband. Actually, they are ready to treat him correspondingly. For Filipino girls, the character is more crucial than appearance, so they choose a good man rather than a beautiful picture. Filipino mail order brides are enthusiastic about relocation because they believe that true love may be found even far from home. Moreover, they do feel good about Western culture and are interested in knowing it better.

So why a Filipina mail order bride is the best choice for marriage?

Do Filipino women make good wives? Definitely yes! Their beauty fascinates men from any country and wins international beauty contests. Their loyalty to partners and family-oriented position turn them to be the desirable wives who create a cozy atmosphere at home and are exceptionally loyal to husbands. Their skill to enjoy life encourages other people to value each moment and notice pleasant things they’ve missed before. Their communication style let you feel an interesting and important person. There is no language or religion barrier between them and you, so Filipina brides will feel good in the Western country omitting the problems of adaptation. So, make a first step to your happy marriage and text a Filipina mail order wife!

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