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Everybody knows that Polish brides are breathtakingly beautiful as well as pretty popular among American men. For instance, in 2019 135 Polish females received a K-1 visa, which is a document given to the U.S. citizens’ fiances. So why do more and more Americans choose to be with Polish women?

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If you are dreaming of a Polish cutie, there is some statistical data you might want to know. For instance, in 2010, only 145 Polish married Americans, which is a very low number, compared to Asian and Latin American countries. By 2019, this number has decreased to 135 marriages. This data proves that Polish women aren’t particularly interested in international relationships and marriages and prefer local men. But we certainly do not claim that finding Polish mail order brides is impossible. Therefore, if you feel like such a woman is perfect for you, go ahead and meet a gorgeous Polish girl on one of the Slavic dating sites.

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Why choose stunning Polish women?

Every man has his own reason to choose a Polish wife yet there are some qualities and traits of character that make these Slavic women so desirable for most men. Therefore, let’s talk about those.

  • Sense of humor. Many relationship experts claim that sense of humor is one of the key elements of a healthy relationship and beauties from Poland have it. Plus, being with a fun-loving partner is a blessing, so this is a valid reason to choose this girl.
  • Sophisticated beauty. No one can argue with the fact that these ladies are stunningly beautiful and having a hot girlfriend is every man’s dream come true.
  • Devotion. This girl is the very partner whom you can always rely on, which is essential for long-term relationships and marriage.
  • Intelligence. As a rule, these women are rather smart as well as have a college education, so if you are looking for an intelligent partner, this is the best option for you.
  • Kind heart. The majority of these girls are kind and sweet and to have such a friend or romantic partner is a gift from heaven.

In terms of children, in 2010, 13% of Polish mail order brides have already had at least one kid from a previous relationship or marriage. Furthermore, in 2019, this percentage dropped to 1.5%, which is simply insane. This allows us to conclude that the women who use dating services and look for potential husbands abroad are predominantly young ladies who haven’t been married before and have no children yet.

pretty polish woman in bra

How to find Polish brides for dating and marriage?

There are two main ways to meet one of these cuties – a trip to Poland and a dating site. Obviously, a dating site is a more reasonable decision simply because it’s cheaper than a trip to Europe and it gives you more chances to actually find a girlfriend, whether she’s from Poland, or Russia. In addition to that, these services are a lot of fun to use, so even if you do not find your love, you’ll still have a lot of fun. Therefore, if you haven’t tried these platforms before, you should immediately sign up on one and test everything yourself.

How much does a Polish mail order bride cost?

First things first, no, you cannot buy a Polish mail order wife, what we mean here is the amount of money you will spend on wooing this woman. Certainly, everything depends only on you and how much you are ready to spend on a woman. So as you have probably already understood, we cannot give you a precise price. What we can give you is some indicative prices, so here they come:

  • Dating services: starting at $2.99
  • Gifts and flowers: $50+
  • Travel expenses: starting at $1,000

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Wrapping up

A hottie from Poland is a great catch for every American. Beautiful, smart, fun-loving, devoted, and kind, these girls are with no exaggeration perfect. Thus, if you are dreaming of this elegant European beauty, stop dreaming and make your dream come true today.