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Where Can One Find a Mail Order Wife?

For a willing gentleman looking to secure a relationship with a bride from a foreign land, it is highly important to know where to look. It’s even more important to look at the right places as there is always the chance of getting scammed. There are thousands of websites offering mail order wives. Here is a complete guide on which the authentic ones.

Search for mail order bride websites

The process of finding a like-minded and attractive partner has now been made easy with several devoted websites that connect you to authentic would-be mail order wives. Most of these websites are organized to be easily navigable and some of them have received widespread acclaim for their authenticity when it comes to finding ideal mail order wives. A simple internet search of the phrase ‘mail order bride’ is enough to view countless selections. Typically, the ones that come up first in the search results are the most opened websites. Since these websites are quite popular, their authenticity can hardly be questioned. The quest can begin from one of these websites.

Ask a friend

Apart from looking on their own, interested candidates can always ask someone who has the experience with a mail order bride beforehand to get more guidance on the topic. This concept is so common nowadays; asking questions to people who have done it before over the internet is also a good idea.

What to do after finding the ideal website?

Here is a step by step how-to guide on what to do after finding the ideal website.

  • Register your name, profile, sex, etc.
  • Fill in other details (e-mail ID, etc.)
  • Carefully go through the website’s safety and security guidelines.
  • Recite the terms, conditions and refund rules.
  • Share your picture and confirm your email ID so that your profile is more approachable.
  • Select the specifications of the mail order brides (age, status, occupation, and the like).
  • Check out the top countries where mail order brides come from.

What are the expenses involved?

Here is a breakdown of the costs.


A lot of these websites are free while some require membership fees of around 80-650 USD/month.

Date and Meet

These costs depend on where the selected mail order bride is from, how much it costs to get her VISA done. Other costs (how much to spend on a date, whether or not to send a gift, etc.) varies from person to person. Overall, the process may cost up to 3500-7500 USD.

Have a successful search!

Now that all the details have been addressed, it is time to start searching for the ideal mail order bride.

Last Updated: October 2019

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